British Isles Fabric Map 24x18cm


Handcrafted Fabric Map Wall Art: 24cm x 18cm

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This handcrafted fabric map wall art is made by painstakingly cutting each nation out of fabrics relevant to each region and appliquéing them to a base of blue linen-style fabric with a rich woven texture. Fabric is applied to canvas stretched over a light but strong wooden frame, the piece comes ready to hang with cord and is signed with the Mappliqué woven label.

This piece measures 24 centimetres tall by 18 centimetres wide (approximately 9.5″ by 7 inches)  and 2 cms deep.

Each nation is represented by a fabric relevant to the region.

Also available as a giclée reproduction print.






England is represented with grey pinstripe, to reflect the global view of Englishmen in suits and bowler hats with umbrellas. John Steed from The Avengers lives on in public consciousness as the archetypal Englishman.

Wales is famous for it’s rolling valleys and dales dotted with flocks of adorable fluffy sheep so it’s only natural that the principality is represented with knitted ivory wool.

Scotland is renowned worldwide for their tartan fabrics that date back centuries. We offer a workshop choice of Royal Stewart (pictured in the images above), or Black Watch (for those who don’t want to have red in their interior colour scheme), which are two of the most globally recognisable tartan fabrics, or a tartan of your choice. You can request a tartan fabric of your own preference, using the dropdown selection box above, that may have special meaning to you or your clan.

Linen is the natural choice for Ireland as flax has been grown and spun into linen fabrics in Eire for centuries. Northern Ireland is equally known for it’s linen so we have selected a linen-style fabric that combines the natural beige of Ireland with the grey of England to reflect it’s part in the United Kingdom.

All fabric wall art is made to order and personalised with the tartan fabric selection of your choice so make sure to select your tartan fabric carefully as personalised items are non-returnable. As all original fabric art pieces are made by hand, there will be a variation in pattern and cut which will never exactly match the sample item photographed for this website. As original art pieces are handcrafted using fabrics, take care not to snag them with jewellery when hanging, or spill anything on them that may stain (they’re non-washable).

If you have specific fabrics you would like to see transformed into a piece of wall art, find out more about commissions here.

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