Irish Linen

Irish Linen - From Flax to lux: Irish Linen Heritage - - Mappliqué

The first fabric that naturally comes to mind when thinking of Ireland is linen, and rightly so, as there’s a long and prestigious heritage of linen production that, despite no longer mass-produced, persists to this day…


Tartan - Proudly Scottish: The Highland Fabric - Mappliqué

There can’t be a fabric more closely bonded to its cultural identity or geographical location than Tartan; proudly Scottish and world-renowned. Tartan endures as a stylish fabric in fashion and home interiors yet is a textile…


Pinstripe - The quintessential English Fabric: From Banks to Bond - Mappliqué

The specific origin of pinstriped fabric becoming the ubiquitous uniform of office workers is disputed but it’s indubitably British, or rather English to be exact. Some believe that the striped trousers of military regalia were repurposed…

NEW: Giclée Prints of the British Isles Fabric Map Wall Art

Giclee Prints British Isles Fabric Map Wall Art

NEW: Giclée Prints of the British Isles Fabric Map Wall Art

10% off for Subscribers

10% off for Subscribers

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Starting as an idea in January 2013, months of research and experimentation have resulted in a new range of contemporary wall art. Fabrics are born out of a nation’s efforts, through wars and industry, agriculture and…

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